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Wing Glider

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Wing Glider
Wing Glider.png

"Place the Wing Glider in a quick slot to equip it. you need to be in the air BEFORE using- you cannot activate on the ground, Steer the glider with WASD keys"

The Wing Glider is a in-game equipment that allow short periods of flight, it is most effectively used from atop large buildings and skyscrapers. The Wing Glider can be obtain from the marketplace located inside the safe-zones and outposts. The current cost is $300 of in game money or 1 gold, and will be dropped upon the players death. A practical use for the Wing Glider is for a player to cover a moderate distance of the map to close in on another player, or to escape from another player. it is currently unknown if flying the Wing Glider will alert Nether of your presence. This equipment was added to the game during Beta testing Patch #7. This item can be found in lootable containers.