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A Nether charging at the player.
Shell.png What Are Nethers?

The Nether are the result of The Cull. Complete mutations, the Nether do not appear to be human or have any vestiges of remaining humanity. Many types of Nether roam the earth in search for prey. Types of Nethers range from absent-minded and seemingly passive, to the horrific and powerful Reapers.

Nethers[edit | edit source]

Shell.png Types of Nethers

There are various kinds of Nether in the game right now, including: a type which is small, and screeches, as well as spits acid, to alert other Nether to your position (Shriekers); a type which is aggressive and uses teleportation to quickly close spaces between you and it (almost all Nether can do this);a Hunter Nether which will actively track and search for players (Hunters); a largely docile Nether who seem to not have fully converted to Nether in terms of intelligence, lacking the basic ability to track and attack (The Lost) and more.

The Lost[edit | edit source]

Shell.png The Lost (Boomers)
The Lost are a pitiable side-effect of the Cull. These sad mutants are half human, half nether and 100% unstable. The rapidity of their mutation combined with their unfinished genetic changes have made them very volatile. Violence against these creatures will result in a rapid, fatal genetic unravelling that creates a dangerous explosion of biomass and toxins. The death throes of the Lost can be devastating to unfortunate nearby survivors.
Keep your distance and they will pose little threat.
They are commonly found in the wastelands, or dotted around St. William's. They can also spawn in subways.
Unique Drops: - Lost Tumor
XP for Kill: 10 XP

"Hit them with something, step back and collect whatever bits of chunky salsa seem most appealing." - Dr Adzy's End Times Almanac

Crawlers[edit | edit source]

Shell.png Crawlers
The Crawler is the most common variant of nether that you will come into contact with. These nethers sniff the ground looking for traces of humans to hunt and devour.
Like most nether, they have the ability to teleport to any location they wish, so you will find it rather hard to escape them once they have you in their sight.
Tread lightly, and leave no trace for them to follow.
They spawn most commonly in the city area, often near main roads and lootable stores.
Unique Drops: -Crawler Spine
XP for Kill: 50 XP

"Nasty little beggars but they die easy enough. Don't waste ammo on them, let them get close and shank them. Gunfire will only attract the bigger beasties." - Dr Adzy's End Times Almanac

Shriekers[edit | edit source]

Shell.png Shriekers
Shriekers are frail, swift moving nethers with a loud screaming voice. This scream will summon other nethers to their location. They usually shriek upon discovering a player or dying. They also posses the ability to spit toxic chemicals. This spray attack will mess with a player's vision, temporarily causing blindness. Shriekers prefer to keep their distance, and upon being engaged they will often flee from you and teleport elsewhere.
Kill them quickly and watch out for other nethers or sneak past them.
They mostly spawn in the city, although they will also spawn at safezones that are under attack, thus complicating the matter of re-securing said safe zone due to their ability to draw nearby Nether to you.
Unique Drops: -Shrieker Tongue
XP for Kill: 50 XP

Golems[edit | edit source]

Shell.png Golems (Juggernauts)
Golems are giant brutes that will rush you down and attempt to crush you through sheer force. Don't take their slow speed to mean they are easy to take down. If they get their hands on you the amount of damage they can inflict is unmatched even by the Reaper.
Keep your distance from them and do your best to whittle down their enormous health pool and above all, STAY BACK.
Unique Drops: -Golem Skull
HP to Kill:>3750≤4125
XP for Kill: 105 XP
They mostly spawn in the city, but far less frequently than Crawlers and Shriekers. Rarely, they can spawn in subways.

"If you see one, walk away. If one sees you, run away!" - Dr Adzy's End Times Almanac

Hunters[edit | edit source]

Shell.png Hunters
The hunter is one of the deadliest nether types that you will come into contact with. The hunter has a special ranged ability to shoot needles from their chest cavity towards you. While it may have limited range, the effects of this ability are devastating. Couple that with the fact that they will often teleport behind you, and you have a recipe for disaster. They also tend to hunt in packs.
Remember to watch your back, comrade.
Unique Drops: -Hunter Ribs
XP for Kill: 65 XP
They mostly spawn in the wastelands, but they can also spawn in the city, either on roads or rooftops. Like Lost and Golems, they can also spawn in Subways, albeit rarely.

"For every hunter you see, there are two you won't. Don't start a fight with one unless you're ready for the other two." - Dr Adzy's End Times Almanac

Watchers[edit | edit source]

Shell.png Watchers (Spotlights)
The watcher is the king of perception, and you will likely find yourself spotted by one if you are not careful around them. Their eyes emit a red flashlight-like beam, allowing the player to see where they are looking. These nether take roost on the tops of buildings, waiting for anything to pass through their watchful gaze. After spotting a victim, they will either jump down or teleport from their roost and spray noxious liquid towards their prey. They are most commonly seen when the Lakeside Safe Zone comes under attack.
Keep out of their sight and you'll keep out of their mind.
They commonly spawn when Lakeside Safe Zone or Westview Outpost are under attack, however they may also spawn near the Shanty Stilt Town as well.
Unique Drops: -Watcher Eyes
XP for Kill: 65 XP

Reapers[edit | edit source]

Shell.png Reapers
Reapers are a rare form of nether that you will only encounter during certain events. They lead an onslaught of nethers in their quest to feed, and it will take quite a few shots to take this one down. If you do happen to spot a Reaper, you should probably take a moment to examine your situation, as they will have lots of company. It is advised that you form a group before you take on this sub-boss and its allies. If you don't you will likely die trying to take it down. they are the most dangerous of all nethers.
Remember that there is strength in numbers, so long as you trust those around you.
They only spawn when leading a surge. Said surges can be either in the city or wasteland. Players will be notified of a Reaper spawning via the text "A Reaper is leading a surge" and there will be a map marker indicating where it is.
Unique Drops: -Reaper Blades
XP for Kill: 200 XP

"If you're ever spotted by a reaper, don't run. You'll only die tired." - Dr Adzy's End Times Almanac

Mantis[edit | edit source]

Shell.png Mantis (The Demon Death Bird)
Mantis are kings of the high ground. They have massive wings that allow them to fly over buildings and other obstacles. They can be found flying above rooftops or even on the ground as a way to make sure that none of the survivors are able to hide behind objects or in the bushes. They can kick you from a distance as well as strike any survivors in front of them. They also have a fire breath attack that is brutal.
Strafe the Mantis and try not to stay in front of them for too long or else they will attack for immense damage.
Mantises will typically spawn in the city, either on roads or rooftops. They will never spawn in buildings, but if alerted, it is possible for them to glitch inside the building eventually.
Unique Drops: -Mantis Membrane, Incendiary Gland, Mantis Jaw
HP to Kill: >4000≤4400
XP for Kill: 95 Xp

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

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