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S&R Pistol

From Nether: The Untold Chapter Wiki
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S&R Pistol

9mm Ammunition
Clip Size:
1.38 lbs
225 (281 with max Guns)

The Smith & Risley pistol is a firearm available in Nether.

Though lacking the stopping power, accuracy, range, and rate of fire of other weapons, the Smith and Riley is a relatively quiet pistol, useful for stealth approaches or short-range "sniping". This is the most common firearm in the game and uses the plentiful 9mm bullet type.

  • Stats
    • Damage: 225
    • Weight: 1.38 lbs
    • Ammo type: 9mm
    • Magazine size: 19
    • Based on: Glock 18
  • Components
    • Pistol frame
    • 9mm barrel