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Sniper Rifle

5.56mm Ammunition
Clip Size:
10.80 lbs
375 (469 with max Guns)

The RAB-47 is a silenced, scoped, semi-automatic rifle. It features good damage, reasonable accuracy, and the lowest sound report in-game for a firearm. However, it is relatively hard to shoot at close range as the scope on this weapon covers a lot of the screen, it's ammo is hard to find/expensive, and has a slow rate of fire, even compared to other semi-automatic weapons. All up, this weapon is a solid mid-long range sniper, and excels at hunting other players due to the silencer. Do not mistake it for a close range assault rifle, however, as the user can be quickly stomped by any automatic weapon at close range (even some semi-automatics), so it is recommended to take a good side arm to switch to if the fighting gets too close.

  • Stats:
    • Weight: 10.80 lbs
    • Damage: 375
    • Ammo Capacity: 20
    • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
    • Firing mode: Semi-Automatic
    • Based on: AS VAL Silent Rifle
  • Components
    • Rifle Frame
    • 5.56 Barrel
    • 2x Scope
    • Silencer