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Pipe Sniper

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Pipe Sniper
Hunting Rifle

.45 ACP Ammo
Clip Size:
700 (875 with max Guns)

The Pipe Sniper is a one-shot, one-chamber improvised Sniper Rifle. It's advantages are high damage (although less than the Cru Z3R-14), good accuracy, and range, plus relatively easy to find ammunition (compared to 7.62mm), and is relatively easy to make, since the prospective user does not need to find or use valuable rifle frames. However, it is loud (however, it makes less sound than the Cru), it cannot use the steady aim perk (meaning it has less accuracy than the Cru), and it has only a single shot (which can often lead to targets escaping, or even killing the user it is recommended to take a reliable sidearm whilst using this gun for close combat, as missing at close quarters can be fatal.

  • Components
    • Pistol Frame
    • Wood Block
    • 2x Metal pipe
    • .45 Barrel