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MAG DR-15 Assault Rifle

From Nether: The Untold Chapter Wiki
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MAG DR-15 Assault Rifle
Mag DR-15.png
Assault Rifle

5.56mm Ammunition
Clip Size:
300 (375 with max Guns)

The MAG DR-15 is a firearm available in Nether.

Considered by many to be one of the best weapons in the game, the MAG DR-15 is a fully automatic assault rifle equipped with a 2x scope, and is highly versatile. It has a very high damage output and a large magazine, plus the 2x scope helps engage targets at mid range. However, this gun is loud, and firing it will result in both Nether and players alike coming to hunt you down. The ammo for this gun is also fairly expensive/hard to find. Despite it's shortcomings, this gun rules short to mid range engagements, and can even engage at long range (however, players must be careful not to engage players with snipers at long range. This will most likely result in the user being headshot and losing this valuable weapon.)

  • Stats
    • Weight: 8.5 lbs
    • Base Damage: 300
    • Magazine Size: 30
    • Ammo type: 5.56mm
    • Firing mode: Automatic
    • Based on: AR-15 CQC
  • Components
    • Rifle Frame
    • 5.56 Barrel
    • 2x Scope
    • Auto Mechanism