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Lopez 45-S

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Lopes 45-S
Lopes 45-S.png
Automatic Sub-machine Gun

45 ACP Ammunition
Clip Size:
180 (225 with max Guns)

"The Lopez 45-S submachine gun was a staple of spec ops teams around the world."

A fully automatic silenced rifle. It's advantages include fairly abundant ammo, it's a lot quieter than most weapons (however, it is still fairly loud, despite the silencer), good magazine size, and it is light. Downsides include poor(ish) accuracy, low(ish) range, and low damage for the .45 round. This gun is good for stealthy killings of players, as it won't create too much noise and will not attract many Nether. However, the sound is noticeable to nearby players and Nether, so the user should be careful as to scout the area before ambushing. Despite it having low damage per shot, it is automatic, and so makes up for it.

  • Stats:
    • Weight: 5.40 lbs
    • Damage: 180
    • Magazine Size: 30
    • Ammo Type: .45 acp
    • Firing Type: Fully Automatic
    • Based on: H&K UMP.45 SD
  • Components
    • Rifle Frame
    • .45 Barrel
    • Silencer