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Lopes 45-S

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Jakwagon (talk) 14:20, 25 June 2014 (UTC)This is a double page. It is the same as the Lopez 45-S page.

Lopez 45-S
Lopes 45-S.png
Automatic Sub-machine Gun

.45 ACP Ammunition
Clip Size:

"The Lopez 45-S submachine gun was a staple of spec ops teams around the world."

The Lopez 45-S is a silenced, fully automatic submachine gun. It is useful for taking out multiple enemies while keeping your presence less pronounced.

  • Stats:
    • Weight = ??? lbs
    • Damage = 180
    • Ammo Capacity = 30
    • Ammo Type = .45 ACP
    • Firing Type = Fully Automatic