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KB-12 Combat Shotgun

From Nether: The Untold Chapter Wiki
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KB-12 Combat Shotgun
KB-12 Combat Shotgun.png
Combat Shotgun

12-Gauge Ammunition
Clip Size:
600 (750 with max Guns)

The KB-12 is a firearm available in Nether.

This combat shotgun packs a lot of stopping power, making it good for crowd control and close quarters encounters, and has fairly abundant ammo. It's downsides are low range, and a very loud noise, attracting players and nether alike.

  • Stats:
    • Weight: 8.75 lbs
    • Damage: 600
    • Magazine Size: 8
    • Ammo Type: 12-Gauge
    • Firing Type: Semi-auto
    • Based on: Franchi SPAS-12
  • Components
    • Shotgun Frame
    • 12 Gauge Barrel