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Humanity are the last survivors of The Cull, an event which converted two thirds of the world population into The Nether (Creature). It is unclear whether or not humanity remains organized in any significant way, and there are still questions as to whether one turns into a Nether once killed after The Cull.

Safezones[edit | edit source]

Humanity does have a weapon against the Nether that is somewhat effective - Anti-Nether Devices. These devices are set up around so-called "safe-zones", repelling Nether and keeping the immediate area relatively safe. However, over time the Nether concentrate their numbers, launching attacks against the safe-zones. Humanity then must repair the devices and save the safe-zone from the invading Nether. If victorious, the Nether will retreat and begin the process of building strength once more.

Escort Package[edit | edit source]

Escort packages will spawn in random locations around the map and need to be brought to a specific safe zone. These packages will attract nether, so it is best to go as a group to complete this objective. The player holding the package will not be able to fight, as it requires two hands to hold. All members in the player's group will receive the reward for turn-in upon completion.

Center Center Center Center

Reward for Turn-in:
-100 XP
-50 reputation to tribes
-Random item

Courier Packages[edit | edit source]

Courier packages can be found on the ground inside of the safe zones. Each package has a destination on it referring to where the package needs to be brought. You can turn these packages in to the vendors located in each corresponding safe zone for a reward.

Westview Outpost:

LSZ to WTO - $248 + 620 XP
RTO to WTO - $236 + 590 XP
MTO to WTO - $344 + 860 XP

Museum Outpost:

LSZ to MTO - $100 + 250 XP
WTO to MTO - $344 + 860 XP
RTO to MTO - $356 + 890 XP

Lakeside Safezone:

RTO to LSZ - $248 + 620 XP
MTO to LSZ - $100 + 250 XP
WTO to LSZ - $279 + 690 XP

Riverside Outpost:

LSZ to RTO - $276 + 690 XP
MTO to RTO - $356 + 590 XP
WTO to RTO - $236 + 590 XP

Tower Outpost:

HRO to TTO - $420 + 1050 XP + 50 REP
TYO to TTO - $420 + 1050 XP + 50 REP

Trainyard Outpost:

TTO to TYO - $420 + 1050 XP + 50 REP
HRO to TYO - $420 + 1050 XP + 50 REP

Highrise Outpost:

TTO to HRO - $420 + 1050 XP + 50 REP
TYO to HRO - $420 + 1050 XP + 50 REP

Safezone Compromised[edit | edit source]

The safe zones scattered throughout the map are never truly safe. Randomly, anti-nether devices can fail, allowing nether to roam freely within the outposts. Players have only one hour to fix all of the affiliated outpost's anti-nether devices, or else that outpost will be unusable for an hour.

Fixing an Anti-Nether Device – 250 XP
All Anti-Nether Devices Fixed – 1000 XP

Nether Surge[edit | edit source]

Nether surges will occur randomly around the map, and last about 20 minutes. Tons of nether will swarm to this area, so it is very dangerous to attempt to clear a surge out. It is best to come prepared, and with a group. Nether surges are led by Reapers.

Loot Drop[edit | edit source]

Loot drops will occur randomly on the map in various locations for a duration of 21 minutes. They will drop occasional packages containing food, medical supplies, ammunition, utility items, and even weapons. Each supply drop event will produce 3-4 drops.

Times of Drops (Approximate with only 1 loot drop worth of data)

Subways[edit | edit source]

These stations and partly collapsed tunnels provide some refuge from cluttered streets, prowling nether, and enemy snipers. In addition to some protection during travel, both stations and track alcoves between stations spawn loot containers. Four tunnel systems currently exist in-game, consisting of a Red, Green, Orange, and Purple line (June 2014). Each line can spawn nether, but currently with much less frequency as the streets above. To access the underground subway lines, enter one of the station stairwells indicated by the colored rectangles straddling a street in the map view. The color of the rectangles corresponds to the route found below, and indicates which stations might be accessible, such as one Green line station from another Green line station. The Red and Green lines are the most contiguous.

The Green line runs in a 5-by-1 block loop with connected stations north and east of the Lakeside Safe Haven (LSZ), providing some cover between LSZ and Museum Outpost (MTO). The Green line also has two short sections (two stations, each) west of the LSZ.

The Red line runs in a 7-by-2 block arc in the Pullman and Randolph Market neighborhoods and consists of four stations, all connected by passable tunnels. This line provides some cover when traveling in the area immediately south of the Westview Outpost.

The Orange line consists of two track sections under Madison street, with two stations per track section.

The Purple line consists of two track sections under Adams street, with two stations connected by the western track section and three stations connected by the eastern track section.

Persistent Account Leveling System[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The persistent account leveling system is intended to allow players to make progress towards a persistent goal across multiple play sessions. Almost every action a player takes will earn them AP, or account points. These points will automatically accumulate, and at major point milestones players will gain account levels.

How do players initiate the account leveling system?
AP and Tribe Reputation
Level-Up Rewards

Screenshots[edit | edit source]