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Combat Shotgun

Bone Shards
Clip Size:
1000 (1250 with max Guns)

This ingenious shotgun has been fashioned entirely out of the biological weapons of slain Nether. A gruesome, powerful shotgun that can lay waste to the most powerful nether and players alike.

You can get it by crafting for the Cull

  • Stats:
    • Weight: 8.75 lbs
    • Damage: 1000
    • Magazine Capacity: 6
    • Ammo Type: Bone Shards
  • Components
    • 15 Nether Bones
    • 20 Crawler Spines
    • 3 Incendiary Gland
    • 7 Ribs
  • Cull Complex Reduced Components
    • 10 Nether Bones
    • 15 Crawler Spines
    • 2 Incendiary Gland
    • 5 Ribs