Gun Crafting Item List

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Gun Parts[edit | edit source]

Broken Guns[edit | edit source]

Broken guns can contain a variety of parts. Players won’t know which part they will salvage until they loot the gun. Below is a list of the types of guns the player can find, as well as which potential parts that gun will yield.

  • “Broken Pistol" (Smith and Risley Parts) Drops--
    • Pistol Frame
    • 9mm Barrel

  • "Broken Shotgun" (KB-12 Parts) Drops --
    • Shotgun Frame
    • 12 Gauge Barrel

  • "Broken Assault Rifle" (Mag DR-15 Parts) Drops --
    • Rifle Frame
    • 5.56 Barrel
    • Auto Mechanism
    • Burst Mechanism

  • "Broken Tactical Rifle" (Lopes 45 Parts) Drops --
    • .45 ACP Barrel'
    • Silencer
    • x2 Scope

  • "Broken Sniper Rifle" (CRU Z3R-14 Parts) Drops --
    • 7.62mm Barrel
    • 4x Scope

  • "Broken Magnum" (Warren .50 Parts) Drops --
    • Magnum Barrel