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Gun Shops[edit | edit source]


One lone entrepreneur has opened a chain of Gunsmiths across the city of Burnham. Bringing the correct parts to one of these shops (known as “Vlad Weaponsmith”) will allow a survivor to craft a working weapon. You can find crafting places from one claimable zone too.

Gun Crafting Item List[edit | edit source]

A list of the gun parts that players can find in the world, as well as what they need to combine to make a given gun:

Image Name Additional Category
Mag DR-15.png MAG DR-15 Assault Rifle Assault Rifle
KB-12 Combat Shotgun.png KB-12 Combat Shotgun Combat Shotgun
SmithandRiley.png S&R Pistol Handgun
SubMachineGunCompact-MAC3.png HAZ-3 Compact Sub-machine Gun Firearms
TFC Special.png TFC Special Automatic Shotgun
MACH-9.png MACH-9 Automatic Sub-machine Gun
Rab-47.png Rab-47 Sniper Rifle
Warren .50.png Warren .50 Handgun
Cru Z3R-14.png Cru Z3R-14 Hunting Rifle
Lopes 45-S.png Lopez 45-S Automatic Sub-machine Gun
Lopes 45-S.png Lopes 45-S Automatic Sub-machine Gun
SubMachineGunCompact-MAC3.png HAZ-3 Sub-Machine Gun
CanGun.png Can Gun Combat Shotgun
100px Smith and Risley Handgun
Heartburner.png Heartburner Combat Shotgun
Gravedigger.png Gravedigger Semi-Automatic Rifle
Pipegun.png Pipe Sniper Hunting Rifle