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Cru Z3R-14

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Cru Z3R-14
Cru Z3R-14.png
Hunting Rifle

Clip Size:
9.20 lbs
800 (1000 with max Guns)

The Cru manufactured Z3R-14 hunting rifle features a powerful mid to long range scope. An extremely powerful and accurate weapon, this is the choice for rooftop snipers. With it's long range one-shot-one-kill policy, especially with a fully upgraded guns skill tree, anyone wielding this weapon can easily clear an area of unsuspecting players or nether. Trade offs are a low magazine size, frustratingly high recoil, scarce ammo, very loud report, and idle sway, however if the user has steady aim, he or she can hold their breath in order to accurately snipe.

  • Stats:
    • Weight: 9.20 lbs
    • Damage: 800
    • Magazine Size: 4
    • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
    • Based on: M14 Sniper Rifle
  • Components
    • Rifle Frame
    • 4x Scope
    • 7.62mm Barrel
  • Trading with the Cull
    • Reaper Blades