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Image Name Additional Category
Bomber Blue.PNG Bomber Blue Head Gear
Bad Man Bandanna.PNG Bad Man Bandana Head Gear
Rainbow Destroyer.PNG Rainbow Destroyer Head Gear
Crusader.png Crusader Head Gear
Dead Stop.png Dead Stop Gauntlet
Deadly Comedian.png Deadly Comedian Head Gear
Demon Hunter.png Demon Hunter Head Gear
Engineer's Blues.PNG Engineer's Blues Head Gear
Eye Guards.png Eye Guards Head Gear
Fogbank.png Fog Bank Head Gear
Freedom Fighter.png Freedom Fighter Head Gear
Goggle Up.PNG Goggle Up Head Gear
Golden Breather.PNG Golden Breather Head Gear
Grayscale.png Grayscale Head Gear
Green Monster.PNG Green Monster Head Gear
Headhunter.png Head Hunter Head Gear
Heavy Stop.png Heavy Stop Gauntlet
Hellfire Stinger.png Hellfire Stinger Head Gear
Honey Badger.png Honey Badger Head Gear
Horn Hat.PNG Horn's Hat Head Gear
Madness.png Madness Head Gear
Master Commander.png Master Commander Head Gear
Merc Mask.png Merc Mask Head Gear
Metro Tunnels.PNG Metro Tunnels Head Gear
Night Stalker.png Night Stalker Head Gear
Peacekeeper.png Peacekeeper Head Gear
Paintball Chief.png Paintball Chief Head Gear
Stop Gauntlet.png Stop Gauntlet Gauntlet
Unkillable.png Unkillable Head Gear
Bumblebee.PNG Bumblebee Head Gear
The Professional.png The Professional Head Gear
Slate.png Slate Head Gear
The Anarchist.png The Anarchist Head Gear