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Can Gun

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Can Gun
Combat Shotgun

12-Gauge Ammunition
Clip Size:
800 (1000 with max Guns)

An improvised shotgun that can fire a single shell. It packs a large punch for being just a sidearm, although the user is forced to reload after the first shot, and it is fairly loud. Ammo for this gun is also fairly plentiful. It is one of the easiest firearms to make, just behind the 9mm S&R and the KB-12 shotgun, using one part of each of those guns to craft. Players would be possibly be wiser to spend the extra time looking for the remaining parts to craft a regular shotgun or pistol. However, this gun is extremely economical since it forces a player to shoot a single shell at a time, and does the most damage for a 2 gauge shell (tied with the TFC special), which makes it the most damaging sidearm, perfect for finishing off weakened foes, or massively damaging stronger ones.

    • Damage: 600
    • Magazine Capacity: 1
    • Firing Mode: Single shot
    • Ammo Type: 12 Gauge
  • Components:
    • Pistol Frame
    • F-off! Spray Repellent
    • 12 Gauge Barrel

  • Notes

Possibly a reference to Frank west/Chuck Greene/Nick Ramos from the Dead Rising series, who all built custom made weapons out of different "Household" items to use against zombies.